Free shipping for domestic orders

Before purchasing, know this:

Free shipping

All jewelry is 14K gold filled, sterling silver, and 14K gold

Ready to ship 1-2 business days

Shipping time: USPS 3-6 business days

Returns available for every item, minus cost of return shipping (approx $3)

Exchanges up to 1X is free of charge

Please contact us at any time, we respond in 1 business day.


Often your jewelry is ready to ship, and we will get it out to you in 1-2 business days. At this point, the USPS takes over, and will get it to your address in 3-6 business days. It is possible that you could receive your items sooner, but postal delays are possible with the ever changing status of this global pandemic. Be sure to check your postal status at any time, on your confirmation email at checkout.

We package your jewelry in such a way where it is earth friendly, and also gift giving friendly. Depending on the item you purchase, you’ll receive it in a bubble envelope, with a flat envelope or small pillow box.