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Hoops By Hand

Gold Spiral Earrings, 14K Gold Filled

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Gold Spiral Earrings

Also known as gold threader earrings, they are lightweight and timeless. Spiral earrings have been continuous best sellers for decades because of their unique and sleek design. Slip these earrings in by twisting in the shorter end through the front of your lobe, until it sits upright in your ear. This twisting motion is often why these are called corkscrew earrings.

  • 1.5 inches length

  • Handmade out of 14K gold filled wire. Also available in sterling silver and 14K rose gold filled.

  • 20 gauge, with flattened end for added sheen

  • Comes as a pair, with a left and right side.

• These are treader earrings, and traditionally don't require earring backs. But for those with active lifestyles, and if you like a secure fit—we do offer 5mm silicone earring backs. Slide/twist on gently, to preserve the earring's shape.


Without fail, these gold spiral earrings in all different metal types, are a popular for gift giving from Christmas time to Mother’s Day. Also, as a gift to yourself--the handmade and one-of-a-kind nature of these earrings is always a favorite. Most people love how they are designed to stay securely in your ear, while also feeling light and dainty. 

If you’ve never put in spiral dangle earrings before, neither has this lovely lady. So here’s a video on how to wear threader earrings.

Our model is wearing: spiral earrings gold filled.

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