How do I contact you?

Please email us at hello@hoopsbyhand.com for any questions. We love to respond to you. Please give us 1 business day to respond to an email.

How soon will I get my jewelry?

Our jewelry is ready to ship in 1-2 business days. Packages are sent with USPS priority mail, which can take 2-6 business days to be received.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on all our jewelry. Contact us first through email at hello@hoopsbyhand.com. In most cases, we will send you a return label, for you to return the jewelry. For the safety of our jewelry, we ask that certain pieces be returned in a padded envelope. You will receive a refund minus the cost of shipping to return the item to us. The cost of shipping is approx. $4.50.

What is your exchange policy?

If you would like to exchange your item for another item of the same price, we cover the price of shipping. If the jewelry you want to exchange for is more expensive than the original piece of jewelry, we may choose to refund the original piece of jewelry, and ask for you to purchase your desired piece of jewelry.

I put the wrong address for my order!

When an item has shipped to the wrong address, we will refund you the cost of the jewelry, minus the cost of shipping when the item is returned to us. Please contact us at hello@hoopsbyhand.com with any questions or concerns. 

I didn't receive the correct piece of jewelry.

Whoops! Sorry, please contact us at hello@hoopsbyhand.com so we can get you the correct piece of jewelry ASAP.

I love my jewelry, but I want to change the size—what do I do?

Please contact us via email at hello@hoopsbyhand.com. We'll work with you on getting the right size for you. We'll even cover the cost of shipping with one exchange.

I never received my package, what do I do next?

You can always track your package with your shipping number in your confirmation email. Please contact us at hello@hoopsbyhand.com if you are concerned your package was lost in the mail, and we will work with you in sorting it out.

What is your jewelry made of?

Our jewelry is made from our own shop, out of sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose gold filled. We also offer solid 14K gold small hoop earrings. Don't know what "gold filled" means? It's jewelry that is bonded with a thick layer of solid 14K gold. The very middle of your jewelry is usually jeweler's brass, that is generally the same weight and workability as gold. In a normal lifestyle, 14K gold filled jewelry does not wear away the outside metal for several years. With great care, some 14K gold filled can last up to a decade, and more. By definition, gold filled is 5%, or 1/20th solid gold. It often has over 100X the amount of gold as gold plated jewelry (which we do not offer), and lasts much longer. Our silver pieces are solid sterling silver. Silver can tarnish when it is not worn, but with a polishing cloth, or proper cleaning, it can always be polished back to its original shine.

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