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14K Gold Nose Ring Hoop

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Bold, Gold and Authentic: meet the 14K gold nose ring hoop.

Set it and forget it (in a good way). 14K gold is hypoallergenic, great for established piercings, and withstands it all: work outs, showers, sleeps, play, repeat. 

• Included: ONE 14K gold nose hoop.

• The model is wearing an 8mm 20 gauge solid 14K gold continuous hoop.

• • Every 14K piece of jewelry is stamped with a 14K quality mark, for authenticity.

• • Click here to see how to put in this nose ring hoop.


• • • There is no "latch" or locking mechanism for this hoop. To insert, you simply twist the ends away from each other, then twist the ends back into position. To best keep the hoop's shape—do not pull the hoop apart.


••8mm: hugs the nose.

••9mm: tiny gap, or hugs thicker nose cartilage.

••10mm: recommended for wide piercings, usually leaves a gap, easiest to put on.


• 22 gauge (thin) or 20 gauge (thick) round wire

• 22 gauge = minimalist. 20 gauge = bold/flashy. 



What size should I get? Measure from your piercing, to the outside of your nose, and add 1 mm. If you would like a small gap, add another 1 mm.

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