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Hoops By Hand

Cartilage Continuous Hoop Earrings

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Gauge (Thickness)

7mm hoop earrings are the perfect size for a cartilage piercing.

With 14K gold filled, you can be confident that these hoop earrings are safe to wear nonstop—Night and day, in the shower, at the gym, and as a consistent fashion statement. The style of hoop is one continuous piece of round wire when it is closed. This was designed to be an absolute comfortable fit. These little gold hoop earrings were meant to be worn all the time, so you can put them in and leave them.

  • 7mm hoop earrings come as a pair

  • 14K gold filled

Small hoop earrings for cartilage piercings can tend to be difficult to put in (especially on your first try). We have a video on “how to put in hoop earrings” that you can check out. The method we recommend is to twist the ends away from each other, rather than pulling the hoop apart. With practice, it gets easier and easier!

You have options for whether you’d like 22 gauge, or 20 gauge, which describes the wire hoop earring thickness. We have a guide you can look at to decide what type of hoop is best for you

In the pictures shown, each model is wearing 7mm hoops. The fit of the hoop can vary greatly depending on the location of your piercing, and how slender or full your ear is in certain areas. Some people have success wearing the 7mm hoop in a higher 2nd or 3rd piercing on their earlobe, if they have slender lobes.

We offer many different sizes of hoop earrings to fit your needs. Check out our section on “Tiny Hoop Earrings” to find the right size for you.