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Hoops By Hand

Hammered Wide Gold Filled Ear Cuff

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This gold filled ear cuff is a handcrafted hammered statement piece.

The hammered metal adds a shimmery texture and an authentic look. It is adjustable, and is perfect if you’re looking for ear cuffs for unpierced ears. This is a cartilage ear cuff, which means it is to be worn on the upper ear. 

  • Helix ear cuff: 10mm in diameter

  • The model is wearing 14K gold filled

  • 5mm wide: statement ear cuff

Ear cuff jewelry is often referred to as ear wrap earrings, because it lays flat against your skin. You adjust the ends closer or further apart, before putting it on. If you have thinner ears, it can help to push the ends together before putting on, and spreading the ends further apart if you have thicker ears. The first model shown, has a more fleshed upper ear cuff, so the cuff sits snug against her ear. The following models have thinner cartilage, so there can be a small gap beneath the cartilage. Or, the ear cuff can be adjusted, and slide to various parts of your ear for your best fit. The possibilities are endless!

The thick hammered band is actually quite lightweight and comfortable, with rounded edges. 

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