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Hoops By Hand

Wide Ear Cuff

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Single or Pair
  • 5mm wide ear cuff
  • Pictured: gold filled ear cuff. Also available in rose gold filled, and sterling silver.
  • No piercing required
  • Adjustable, meant to be worn on lower part of ear

Ear cuff made by hand, in our little farm house shop. Thanks for choosing handmade.

• • • Wide Ear Cuff • • •

Why choose a 14K gold filled ear cuff? With a thick layer of gold, it will keep its brilliant gold color for many, many years to come. With natural tarnishing, you can buff them back to their original shine with a soft cloth or soft toothbrush and low abrasive cleaner (like soap or baking soda).

Our ear cuffs were first designed for our earring lovers without ear piercings. This makes a cuff earring the perfect accessory, because they are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on. This gold ear cuff has a popular and bold look that can be worn on a single ear, or as a pair.