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Sterling Silver Ear Cuff

Sterling Silver Ear Cuff

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Single or Pair

Sterling silver ear cuff: bold, comfortable, and hammered for an extra shine and unique look.

Ear cuff jewelry is the most versatile of our earring collections. You can switch ears with a single cuff, pair it with other earrings, wear a pair, or wear it alone as a statement ear cuff. Ear cuffs for unpierced ears are comfortable to slip on and off, and are adjustable to fit snugly to your ear. 

Material: genuine sterling silver ear cuff

Ear cuff no piercing needed

Diameter: approx 12mm, one size fits all

Conch ear cuff: meant to sit on the lower cartilage of the ear

This is a large ear cuff, approx 5mm wide, and is one of our all time most popular. If you have a more slender ear, squeeze the ends of the ear cuff closer together before putting it on. For thicker ears, pull the ends apart. The ear cuff should not pinch, but rather hugs the ear. Here is a video of one way to slide on this non pierced ear cuff.

If you love our silver ear cuff earrings, here is a full collection of all of our ear wrap earrings (click here).

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Customer Reviews

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Terra Krajca

The cuff is clean and simple by design. The hammered finish reflects the light beautifully

Grateful that the ear cuff is what you were hoping for! Thank you for enjoying the design of your ear cuff! Thank you for your kindness!

Jamie Marcus

Love love love!!!!! Easy to do and pretty!!! Great customer service!!!!

Thrilled to hear that you love your ear cuff and found it easy to use and pretty!

Jamie Marcus

Love these!! So mad I wore one to a hair appointment and she knocked off my ear and lost it!! I love these so much!! Fake piercing!!!

Thank you for your kindness and so sorry that your ear cuff has gone missing! Happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!


Happy repeat customer! I wear my ear cuffs daily.

Welcome back! What wonderful news that you wear your ear cuffs daily!


I loved my old cuff for years but recently lost it. Very happy with my shiny new replacement from the same seller!

I am sorry that your ear cuff was lost. That is frustrating! Grateful you enjoy your ear cuff!