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Solid 14K White Gold Cartilage Hoop

Solid 14K White Gold Cartilage Hoop

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• The model is wearing a 7mm 22 gauge 14K white gold continuous hoop earring.

Each 14K piece of jewelry is stamped 14K for authenticity.

• • • True 14K white gold is naturally a dark grayish color. In the sunlight, it does have have a subtle reflective luster as seen in the pictures. 14K white gold also contains nickel—which is where it gets its lighter hue from. The amount of nickel is very small, and often doesn't cause skin irritation. If you have any questions, please contact us! :) • • •


1 HOOP = SINGLE (one piercing)
2 HOOPS = 1 PAIR (two piercings)

••6mm: TINY, location on ear: cartilage tragus
••7mm: VERY SMALL—usually only for cartilage piercings, or high lobe 2nd or 3rd piercings
••8mm: hugs the lobe of the ear
••9mm: hugs thicker lobes, or has a small gap on the first piercing
••10mm: gap underneath earlobe on the first piercing

• • • 6mm/7mm are the most difficult of all our hoops to insert.
• • • 8mm/9mm are moderately difficult to insert.
• • • 10mm, most easy to insert.

• • While they may be tricky to get in the first time, these hoops stay put for days and even years—which is why they are a beloved piece of jewelry. They are meant to be lightweight, durable, and stylish in your daily life.

• • • • • • Here is a video of someone putting in this 7mm hoop for the first time: • • • •

• • • Why choose these 14K white gold small hoop earrings? These hoops can be put in and left in—sleeping, showering, running, playing, etc. • • •


• Available in 22 gauge (thinner) or 20 gauge (thicker) round wire

• Both 22 gauge and 20 gauge fit comfortably in piercings. 22 gauge has more of a minimalist look. 20 gauge is a little bit more bold and flashy.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ava Hapgood

Great quality and super dainty! Exactly what I was looking for for my helix!

Delighted to hear that you found the earrings to be of great quality and super dainty, and that they're exactly what you were looking for your helix piercing!

Matthew Trupiano

Looks great and is a quality metal

Grateful to hear that you're happy with the appearance and quality of the metal!

Courtney Blossom

Very pleased. Item is absolutely beautiful, delicate and exactly what I wanted. The Seller even sent a link to a video on how to put on correctly.

Thrilled that the hoop is what you were hoping for. Thank you for your kindness!


These are so beautiful and easy to use! Love them

Delighted to hear that you find the earrings beautiful and easy to use!

Claire Albert

Great hoops and wonderful customer service