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Hoops By Hand

Rose Gold Ear Cuff Braid, Rose Gold Filled

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Single or Pair

Pictured: a side by side comparison of sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose gold filled braided ear cuffs. Choose one single cuff earring or a pair. The model is wearing a rose gold ear cuff.

• Ear cuff: no piercing needed.

• Diameter: approximately 10mm. 5mm wide. Adjustable, one size fits all. 

• Helix ear cuff: meant to sit on the upper cartilage of the ear.

Ear cuff made by hand in our little farm house shop. Thanks for choosing handmade.

• • • Rose Gold Ear Cuff Braid: This dainty ear cuff is hand braided with care. Something so small stands out with its intricate and classic design.• • •

Ear cuff jewelry is the most versatile of our earring collections. You can switch ears with a single cuff, pair it with other earrings, wear a pair, or wear it alone as a statement ear cuff. Ear cuffs for unpierced ears are comfortable to slip on and off and are adjustable to fit snugly to your ear. 

This ear cuff is approximately 5mm wide. If you have a more slender ear, squeeze the ends of the ear cuff closer together before putting it on. For thicker ears, pull the ends apart. The ear cuff should not pinch, but rather hugs the ear. Here is a video of one way to slide on this non pierced ear cuff.

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