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Niobium Nose Hoop

Niobium Nose Hoop

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Size - Diameter
The model is wearing an 8mm 20 gauge niobium continuous hoop.

• You will receive ONE solid color niobium hoop.

•• Nickel free ••


Each hoop is one solid color.

••Steel Blue

Niobium is a "reactive" metal. Its natural color is a dark gray. To change the color of the niobium it is immersed in a water and sudsy solution, with an electric current. How long the metal stays in the water with the electricity, determines what type of color it will take.
Niobium is similar to titanium, but is softer, and has more brilliant coloring.

Don't know what size to get? Measure the distance from your piercing, to the outside of your nose, and add 1 mm. If you would like a small gap, add another 1 mm.

••10mm: for wide piercings, often leaves a gap, most easy to put on.
••9mm: has a tiny gap, or hugs thicker nose cartilage.
••8mm: hugs the nose, snug fit. Model is wearing an 8mm in 20 gauge.
••7mm: snug for small piercings.
••6mm: (least common size), for VERY small piercings.

• • • To insert hoop, twist the ends away from each other, then twist the ends back together to form one continuous loops. Do not pull the hoop apart. There is no "latch" or locking mechanism, you simply twist/bend the hoop into position. We provide tutorials and written instructions with every hoop order. Feel free to contact us if you need additional support.

• • • Why choose a niobium nose ring hoop? This hoop can be put in and left in—sleeping, showering, running, playing, etc. • • •

• • Here is a video of someone putting in a continuous hoop nose ring on for the very first time:

(Copy and paste the URL.)

• • While they may be tricky to get in the first time, these hoops stay put for days and even years—which is why they are a beloved piece of jewelry. They are meant to be lightweight, durable, and stylish in your daily life.
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