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Hoops By Hand

45mm Hammered Hoop Earrings, 14K Gold Filled

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Hoop Closure

Large gold hoop earrings will give you a sleek, elegant look. 

These hoops are designed to be lightweight, but also durable. Each hoop is hand hammered to give extra shine, texture, and a unique look. In the pictures, our model is wearing size 45mm, which is the largest of the big hoop earrings we offer. This size is designed to be a statement piece, to fall around the length of your jaw, without hitting onto your shoulder. 

There are two options for which type of closure you would like for your earrings, for your preferences. Here is a quick guide if you want to know the difference between a latch back and butterfly clutch (click here).

  • 14K gold filled hoop earrings for women (for anyone, really)

  • 45mm in diameter (just smaller than 2 inch hoop earrings)

  • 16 gauge wire, with the end thinned out to 21 gauge to slip through your ear.

  • Secure in place with a latch, or a butterfly clutch

  • Other hoop sizes and styles are available (click here)

Please note, these pair of earrings come as a right and a left side. Only one side of each is hammered (hammering on both sides pulls out the design on the other side).

Currently, this is our most popular size of the large gold hoop earrings. Especially as a gift—whether  as a gift to yourself, or loved one, we find that they are versatile for any style.