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Hoops By Hand

Helix Hammered Hoop Earring

Helix Hammered Hoop Earring

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Number of Hoops - Diameter
• The model is wearing: 7mm diameter, with a hammered finish.

• Made with 14k gold filled wire (pictured). Also available in sterling silver.

•• Nickel free ••

• 20 gauge round wire.


The classic round and smooth hoop style.

•••Hand Hammered•••
Wildly popular, hammered with defined grooves, which creates a sparkly finish.

1 hoop = 1 individual hoop, for one piercing.
2 hoops = total of 2 hoops, or one pair, for two piercings.


Recommended for the tiniest of piercings—tragus, and tight piercings.

Higher cartilage piercings, or a second piercing for slender lobes. For very slender lobes, can be worn as a first piercing.

Huggie earring for a first piercing. Tiny gap for those with very small earlobes.

Often leaves a small gap under lobe on first piercing for typical sized lobes.

Leaves a gap under the lobe. The perfect size if you want to easily take your hoop earrings in and out.

• All hoop sizes are so comfortable you can wear them day and night.

• Not sure what size to get? Measure with a ruler from your piercing to the outside of your ear. To be safe, add 1mm to this measurement.

• To insert twist ends away from each other, then twist the ends back together to form one continuous hoop. There is no clasp, it closes to form a hoop and will not slip out.
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