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Heart Spiral Threader Earrings, Sterling Silver

Heart Spiral Threader Earrings, Sterling Silver

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• Handmade heart spiral threader earrings, created out of 20 gauge solid 925 sterling silver wire. Also available in 14K gold filled.

• Comes as a pair with a right and left side.

• Approximately 44-46mm long, or about 1.5-1.7 inches in drop length/length.

• They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

••Nickel Free••

How do you put in these earrings?
These earrings are sometimes called, “corkscrew” earrings, because you twist them, to insert them. Slip the tip, or bottom of the earring in the front of your piercing, and you pull downwards while gently rotating the earring, until it sits upright in your ear. This fun symmetrical design, is an original creation and truly a one of a kind.
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