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Hoops By Hand

Hammered Silver Hoop Earrings-10mm

Hammered Silver Hoop Earrings-10mm

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Diameter (mm)

Hammered silver hoop earrings, delicate, lightweight, hand hammered; uniquely yours.

All the minimalism of little hoop earrings, but with a beautiful shimmer. This pair comes as a left and right side, where the hammered side faces out.

  • 20 gauge hammered silver hoop earrings. 

  • 10mm in diameter (also available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm)

  • Model is wearing sterling silver. Also available in 14K gold filled and 14K rose gold filled.

  • Eyelet closure

These small sterling silver hoop earrings are made for comfort--for sleeping, running errands, bathing, going to the pool, etc. They work well as a huggie hoops on a first piercing, and can be used as a second piercing as well.

Since these are small hoops, they can be tricky at first to put in. However, the secure latch in the back makes it so that when they are in, they will stay in. Our best recommendation is to twist the ends away from each other, so that you can preserve the shape of the hoop. Sometimes using a friend to help you put them in at first, can really help!

If you love dainty hoop earrings, here is a link to our collection of other small hoop styles and sizes, with an eyelet closure.
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