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Gold Filled Cartilage Ear Cuff Mini

Gold Filled Cartilage Ear Cuff Mini

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Single or Pair

Pictured: 14K gold filled mini ear cuff. Also available in sterling silver and 14K rose gold filled.

Choose one single cuff earring, or a pair.

The beauty of the ear cuff, is that you can adjust it precisely to your ear, and doesn't require a piercing.

  • 14K gold filled ear cuff (shown on model)
  • About 10mm diameter—perfect for the helix of the ear (upper cartilage cuff)
  • No piercing required
  • 14 gauge half round gold filled ear cuff

Ear cuff made by hand, in our little farm house shop. Thanks for choosing handmade.

A half round gold filled ear cuff, means that it has a domed surface, with a backing that is flat. The flat inside of the ear cuff lays flat against your ear, making it lightweight and comfortable. The rounded surfaces bounces off light, causing this to be a subtle, classy look.

What does a "gold fill ear cuff" mean? It means that the surface of the cuff has a thick gold layer, that does not wear away for many years to come. A gold ear cuff is gentle on the skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I really like the hoop. It’s very thick too and doesn’t feel like it will fall off. Top one is the hoop from Etsy- second hoop is an actual helix piercing Ears are just red because anytime I touch them they get irritated

Elissa Hou

shipped fast and easy to put in!


Super cute little cuff that was shipped quickly and exactly as described. I had to pull it open a little so that it would sit comfortably on my ear (too tight and the wire will pinch), but it’s a nice little accent that looks convincing as a mid-helix piercing.


love this pretty shop! seller was very kind and helpful. if you are thinking about getting any cuffs from here, please do! 10/10 recommend!! fits on my small ears nicely and even stays on while sleeping and showering and swimming, too.


Exactly what I expected and more! Very good quality- I wear it while I play water polo/swim and have no issues with discoloration or anything like that. It looks super legit and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it.