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Hoops By Hand

Short Ear Climber Earrings

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Single or Pair

Gold ear climbers.

A slight curve of a hammered wire creates a subtle, yet edgy look. This earring seamlessly hugs your ear, which makes it the perfect everyday earring. The added hammered touch that catches the light makes it a bestseller.

  • 15mm length

  • Pictured: genuine gold filled earrings

  • Made with 19 gauge (.9mm) 

  • Choose a left, right, or pair

  • These gold ear climbers are hand hammered

How to put in ear climbers: Thread the shorter end through the front of the earlobe. When the earring is upright, rotate it, so the earring "climbs" up your ear. That's why these are often called ear crawler earrings, or ear climbers.

A recent trend with how to wear ear climbers, has been to insert them into a second piercing—and they look absolutely stunning.

Here’s a video on how to put on ear crawler earrings. Depending on the thickness of your ear, these gold ear climbers are slightly adjustable. Pinch the ends closer together, or pull them further apart, to fit your ear comfortably.

These are considered our small ear climbers, and to check out our larger, yet minimalist ear climbers, check out our “ear climber earrings” collection.