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Heart Knot Rings

Heart Knot Rings

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• Sterling silver heart knot ring. Also available in 14K gold filled and 14K rose gold filled.

• Dainty ring: 18 gauge

Silver knot rings made by hand, in our little farm house shop. Thanks for choosing handmade.

• • • Friendship Rings: A knot ring symbolizes strength, unity and love. • • • 

Can also be used for bridesmaid rings and also known as a love knot ring—a gift for all those close to your heart. With one of the most iconic symbol of all time, the precious heart represents all that is important in life, and love for all those who mean so much to you.

Made out of one piece of wire that is hand knotted and soldered in the back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I love it! It's perfect definitely will be watching and ordering more.

Tiffany Munster

Cute ring. Very dainty. But a pretty good dupe to one I’ve been eyeing from a Diamond jewelry company online. I wanted a pinky ring and I bought it bc it’s gold fill and my other gold fill jewelry doesn’t tarnish and I can get it wet. It’s very thin. It looks bent when it’s not on. But not noticeable at all when I’m wearing it. Cute overall!

Victor Thai

Bad quality ring. Different color at where it was welded together. Not even a circle. Was bent out of shape. Has to shape it myself. Was all sorts of messed up. But great shipping.

Hannah Louise Greene

Very cute ring; accurate sizing

Sarah Heiner

Such a simple, beautiful, dainty ring!