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Ear Cuff Sterling Silver

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Single or Pair

Ear cuff sterling silver: lightweight and comfortable, perfect for an active lifestyle. 

• Sterling silver ear cuff is a smooth, wide band earcuff.

• Cartilage cuff is 5mm wide and 10mm in diameter, perfect for the upper ear.

• Ear cuff no piercing: adjustable, so one size earcuffs fit all with no piercing required.

Ear wraps can be a perfect gift for others or for yourself. This "Ear Cuff Sterling Silver" requires no sizing so it is easy to pick out for someone else.

A sterling ear cuff wears well in water and can easily maintain its shine. 

The silver ear cuff is a favorite, but is also available as a 14K gold filled or 14K rose gold filled ear cuff—check out the full collection here.