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Hoops By Hand

Double Pierced Hoop Earrings

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Single or Pair

These twist earrings are designed for ears with double piercings. The double hoop design acts as a threader through two piercings, creating a lightweight, minimalist, and unique style. You can easily twist these earrings in by rotating and sliding them through both piercings. Grab a pair, or choose one side (right or left) for an asymmetrical look!

• The model is wearing 14K gold filled spiral hoop earrings.

• Also available in 14K rose gold filled and 925 sterling silver.

•• Nickel free ••

• 10mm diameter hoops, 18mm long.

• Recommended for double-pierced ears.

• Made with 22 gauge round wire.

• To insert these earrings, twist and thread them through the first and second piercings of the earlobe. These spiral hoops are adjustable, so you can spread the hoop apart to fit the spacing of your piercings.

• These earrings embody a simplistic and minimalist design.

See how to thread these earrings in, from one of our lovely customers: