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Conch Hoop Piercing, Sterling Silver

Conch Hoop Piercing, Sterling Silver

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Single or Pair
• Made of 925 sterling silver wire. Also available in 14K rose gold filled and 14K gold filled.

• The model is wearing: 12mm diameter: most popular size for standard conch piercing.

• So comfortable you can wear day and night.

•• Nickel free ••


• 10mm (tight/small conch piercings)

• 12mm (pictured on model)

• 14mm (small gap, or wider conch piercings)

• 19 gauge: 12mm and 14mm
• 20 gauge: 10mm

These gauge sizes are comfortable for standard/all piercings. Gauges are smaller/bigger to preserve the hoop's shape, while also being malleable enough to open and close the hoop comfortably.

• To insert, twist ends away from each other, then twist the ends back together to form one continuous hoop. There is no clasp, it closes by having the ends meet together to form a hoop and will not slip out.
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