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Round Conch Ear Cuff

Round Conch Ear Cuff

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Single or Pair

This conch ear cuff was made for style and comfort.

Handcrafted 14K gold filled 

18 gauge wire ear cuff (sturdy, but adjustable)

Non pierced ear cuff

With this ear cuff no piercing is required for you to slip it on. People will often refer to this as an ear cuff hoop, because it has the rounded appearance of the classic hoop, while it sits on the conch, or lower part of your ear cartilage.

These simple ear cuffs immediately become a favorite because they are a trendy placement for ear cuff jewelry. You can choose to stack designs up and down your ear, or wear this solo, for a minimalist look.

As a faux ear cuff, this means you can have the versatility of an earring, without the piercing. Whether you have sensitive ears, have let your piercings grow in, or if you simply want to try something new: this ear cuff is an instant favorite.

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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Moss
Love it!

I had a little larger, probably next size up and I lost it and I panicked-i did find it later, but purchased one from. Great quality. And now I have a source for all my other piercings. I did buy 2nd to replace one. I can't think what it's called. The cartridge your finger would feel if you put your finger in your ear. Lol, I can imagine people did that. But equally great!