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24K Solid Gold Tiny Hoop Earrings

24K Solid Gold Tiny Hoop Earrings

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• The model is wearing THREE separate hoops, 8mm (lobe) and 7mm (cartilage) 20 gauge 24K gold continuous hoop earrings.

• • Each 24K piece of jewelry is stamped 24K for authenticity.

•• Nickel free ••

• • • To insert hoop, twist the ends away from each other, then twist the ends back together to form one continuous loops. Do not pull the hoop apart. There is no "latch" or locking mechanism, you simply twist/bend the hoop into position. We provide tutorials and written instructions with every hoop order. Feel free to contact us if you need additional support.


••6mm: TINY, location on ear: cartilage tragus
••7mm: VERY SMALL—usually only for cartilage piercings, or high lobe 2nd or 3rd piercings
••8mm: hugs the lobe of the ear
••9mm: hugs thicker lobes, or has a small gap on the first piercing
••10mm: gap underneath earlobe on the first piercing

• • • 6mm/7mm are the most difficult of all our hoops to insert.
• • • 8mm/9mm are moderately difficult to insert.
• • • 10mm, most easy to insert.

• • While they may be tricky to get in the first time, these hoops stay put for days and even years—which is why they are a beloved piece of jewelry. They are meant to be lightweight, durable, and stylish in your daily life.


• • • Why choose these 24K gold small hoop earrings? These hoops can be put in and left in—sleeping, showering, running, playing, etc. • • •


• Available in 22 gauge (thinner) or 20 gauge (thicker) round wire

• Both 22 gauge and 20 gauge fit comfortably in piercings. 22 gauge has more of a minimalist look. 20 gauge is a little bit more bold and flashy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

It’s absolutely beautiful, easy to use and immediately had a soothing effect on my nose.

Isabelle Schicketanz

Finally, my ears aren't irritated. Simple, high-quality gold hoops.

Delighted to hear that you found a solution for your ear irritation with our simple, gold hoops! Comfort and quality are essential, and we're grateful that our hoops met your needs.

jeffrey solis

These hoops are great, but 24k is a little too delicate for 24 hour wear. Unfortunately swapping to 14k solid gold for my intended use. Highly recommend these still!

Grateful to hear that you found the hoops great, though you found 24k gold to be too delicate for 24-hour wear. It's great that you're considering swapping to 14k solid gold for your intended use.


Thank You. Perfect for my second piercing.

You're welcome! It's great to hear that the earrings are perfect for your second piercing.

Diane Nguyen

Would purchase from here in the future if I need certain earings!

Thank you for your kindness and so grateful you enjoy your hoops! We look forward to you visiting our shop again!