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14K White Gold Eyelet Hoop, 8mm

14K White Gold Eyelet Hoop, 8mm

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Number of Hoop - Gauge (Thickness)
The model is wearing 8mm 22 gauge 14K white gold hoop earrings.

• Solid 14K white gold.

• Also available in 14K gold, and 14K rose gold.

• Available in 22 gauge (thin) or 24 gauge (thinner) wire.

• Comes as one single hoop, or can be ordered in a pair (2 hoops).

• • • Why choose these 14K white gold small hoop earrings? These hoops can be put in and left in—sleeping, showering, running, playing, etc. • • •

• • • True 14K white gold is naturally a dark grayish color. In the sunlight, it does have have a subtle reflective luster as seen in the pictures. 14K white gold also contains nickel—which is where it gets its lighter hue from. The amount of nickel is very small, and often doesn't cause skin irritation. If you have any questions, please contact us! :) • • •

Each 14K piece of jewelry is stamped 14K for authenticity.

•1 hoop- 24ga/thinner
•1 hoop - 22ga/thin
••2 hoops-24ga/thinner
••2 hoops - 22ga/thin

• 24 gauge is thinner wire than 22 gauge.

•••••22 gauge•••••

PROS • thicker • sturdier • keeps its round shape better than 24 gauge
CONS • a bit more difficult to put in and latch

•••••24 gauge•••••

PROS • easier to put in and latch • minimalist and dainty appearance
CONS • with excessive pulling and bending, hoop can lose its shape

• Let us know is you have any questions about sizing or gauge—we love talking hoops •

ALL hoops are solid 14K gold.

••8mm: hugs the lobe of the ear, most difficult to put in the ear.
••9mm: hugs thicker lobes, or has a small gap on the first piercing. Can be tricky to put in on your first try.
••11mm: gap underneath earlobe on the first piercing.
••12mm: wide gap under the earlobe, easy to put in and fasten.
••15mm: largest hoop earring that we make in this style. Easiest to slip in.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Katie Boutilier

Super cute and simple, great for everyday wear. Easier to put on and take off than you think.

T Rahmaan

Wonderful earrings — thank you!

hope maynard

Perfect and beautiful I am obsessed 🤩

Thrilled to hear that you find the item perfect and beautiful, and that you're obsessed with it! That's wonderful when a purchase brings so much joy.

Christine Luce

This a a very quality product.

So grateful to hear that you find the product to be of very high quality!

Hailey Rosier-Kinchen

i love these huggies! family recommended them and 4 of us wear them. they’re so comfortable i can wear them all the time even to sleep. and white gold is my absolute favorite, they’re just so pretty!

YEAH! What an honor to have your family members wear our jewelry! Grateful you enjoy your hoops and wear them often!