Which “gauge” should I choose?

“Gauge” refers to the thickness of wire. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the metal. For example, 10 gauge would be much thicker than 15 gauge. Most of our earrings have a post, or part of the earring that slips through the ear, between 19 gauge (thickest) to 24 gauge (thinnest).

 24 gauge through 18 gauge are comfortable earrings for a standard piercing. 22 gauge is the most common size of wire that goes through a piercing.


With our mini hoop collection, you can choose which size of gauge you would like. Here are some guidelines: 

••••24 gauge•••••

PROS • easier to latch/put in • dainty and minimalist appearance

CONS • with excessive bending and pulling, hoop can lose its shape

••••22 gauge•••••

PROS • sturdier • thicker • keeps its round shape better than 24 gauge

CONS • a little bit more challenging to put in/latch with smaller diameters of 11mm, 9mm, and 8mm 




22 gauge are our most popular choice of hoops. People are thrilled that once the hoops are in, they stay put. However, there are consistent comments that it is a little more difficult to put in the smallest hoops (usually 9mm and 8mm diameter).

We recently started working with 24 gauge hoops, and the response has been very positive! They are dainty in appearance, and easier to take in and out. Many people choose not to take out their hoops, and wear them to sleep, work, play, exercising, showering, etc. 

••••Still don’t know what size to choose?•••••

If you have a more active lifestyle, get 22 gauge. Many individuals just like you have reported it is worth the extra time and effort putting in the small hoops, to then have them remain in. With practice, it gets easier taking the hoops in and out—or ask a friend for assistance! 

If you take excellent care of your jewelry, 24 gauge. They are minimalistic beauties, easier to take in and out, and our most affordable hoops.

Continuous Hoops Collection: 20 gauge vs. 22 gauge

•20 gauge•• 

20 gauge is thicker wire than 22 gauge. Thick enough to be bold, but still easy to slip through your piercing.

•22 gauge•• 

More minimalistic appearance. Both hoops are similar in ease of taking in and out. Smaller sizes of 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm can be more difficult to put in, please see below for the best method of inserting hoops.

•••••Pro Tip••••••

When inserting your hoop, twist the ends away from each other, rather than pulling the hoop open. This helps preserve the roundness of your hoop, and makes it easier to slip in.

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