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Hoops By Hand

Silver Hoop Cartilage Earrings-7mm

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Silver hoop cartilage earrings are the most comfortable way to add a shimmer to your multiple piercings.

These hoops are often called infinity hoop earrings because when they are closed, they make one continuous circle. This design supports leaving in your earrings through every activity, and for as many days (or months) as fits your lifestyle. 

  • 7mm: Small hoop earrings for cartilage, or small hoop earrings for second hole

  • Round wire made of 20 gauge or 22 gauge

  • Handcrafted with care, for utmost quality.

These tiny silver hoop earrings come as a pair, in size 7mm. The best way to know if these hoops are meant for you, measure with a regular ruler on your ear. Most often, 7mm is great for cartilage piercings, and tight piercings on 2nd or 3rd holes on your earlobe if you have a thinner lobe. The models shown are each wearing 7mm. 

There are other sizes in our “Tiny Hoop Earrings” collection. 

When choosing between 22 gauge and 20 gauge, we have a guide that may be helpful. In general, 20 gauge is thicker, and a little more flashy, while 22 gauge are the epitome of minimalism. Both fit the ear piercings comfortably.

There is definitely a learning curve, when putting in your silver hoop cartilage earrings for the first time. Here’s a video on “how to put in hoop earrings”, as well as to help you see what size your hoops will be. This model is putting in these hoops for the first time, using a mirror.

With real silver hoop earrings, you don’t need to worry if the metal will irritate your skin, if you have had no trouble with sterling silver in the past. With a hoop cartilage piercing, these thin silver hoop earrings are one of our most popular selling items.