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Hoops By Hand

Silver Ear Climbers

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Single or Pair

These silver ear climbers are dainty and edgy, with a hand hammered finish that assure you stand out.

Minimalist ear climbers are low maintenance, while still showing off your personal style. You can choose between a right and left side, or a pair for both ears. Get a pair for symmetry, and a single one for your right or left ear, if you like to mix and match earrings. A recent trend has been to wear one on a second piercing on one ear.

  • Genuine sterling silver 

  • 19 gauge

  • Choose one for your left ear or one for your right ear, or a pair of both!

This item is often referred to as “ear crawler earrings” or “ear climbers” because they follow the contour up your ear. Rather than earrings that dangle down, these highlight the full lobe of your ear, and face. 

These unique silver earrings are slightly adjustable. If they pinch your ear, pull the ends further apart, and if they slide down, push the ends closer together before you put it on. 

If you’re wondering how to put in ear climbers, here is a how to video.

We have a few styles of long and short earring climbers, if you want to check it out (click here).