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Hoops By Hand

Gold Hoop Earring Set

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Gold Hoop Earring Set

Little gold hoop earrings are a classic favorite. Wear them throughout your busy day—and life! Though they are small gold hoops, they are durable for the gym, showering, sleeping, and can be small enough to stay out of reach of children’s hands, or don’t get snagged while wearing a face mask!

  • Earrings have a latch, for a secure fit.

  • Hoop earring set: 12mm and 11mm pictured. 

    • Other sizes and combinations available

  • 14K gold filled

  • 22 gauge (thin) or 24 gauge (thinner)

Choose a pair, or multiple hoop earrings, depending on where you want to place your small hoops. For all sizes, and what they look like, check out our gold hoop earring set collection—other metals available. 8mm and 9mm are great for slender lobes for mini hugging hoop earrings. 8mm, 9mm, and 11mm are ideal for small hoop earrings for second hole piercing. 12mm and 15mm are easier to put in, and still have the same minimalist design.

For these thin gold hoop earrings, choosing which gauge you would like can be summed up as: get 24 gauge if you are delicate with your hoops (and they’re easier to put in). 22 gauge is our most popular gauge size. Here’s a guide for more information.

Gold huggie hoops can be tricky to put in on your first time. Here is a video on how to put in hoop earrings, in 12mm so it can be a cinch.