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Hoops By Hand

Christmas Stud Earrings, 14K Gold OR Sterling Silver

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Style - Comes as a *Pair (2)*
Earring Backs

• Choose your pair of Christmas inspired stud earrings.
• Solid, real 14K gold, OR solid 925 Sterling Silver.
• Each design sold separately as a pair.

•• Nickel free ••

• Surface of flat design has a brushed finish.

• • Each 14K piece of jewelry is stamped 14K for authenticity, or 925 for sterling silver. • •

• Earring post is 10mm long, in 22 gauge.

• Pictured: 3 separate Christmas stud earrings.


••Candy Cane: dainty & petite, 7.5 X 1mm.

••Stocking: 6 X 4.5mm

••Gingerbread: 7 X 5.5mm

••Santa: 7.5 X 6.5mm

••Ornament: 7.5 X 6mm

••Tree: 8 X 6.5mm

••Snowman: 10 X 5mm


• Silicone: Circular, 3.6mm by 3.3mm. No additional cost.

• 14K gold filled earring backs: An affordable alternative to solid 14K gold. 6mm wide, sturdy.

• 14K gold: Dainty, 4mm wide.

• 925 sterling silver: 5mm by 5mm. Most sturdy option.

These earrings are truly one of a kind. The Christmas designs were hand drawn, and transformed into a digital file. We then took our scrap 14K gold jewelry, and melted it together, and rolled it out into a flat sheet (which takes about 10-20 reps of melting, mixing, and rolling out). Using a laser machine, we cut out the design onto our metal sheet. Then we solder on an earring post, and buff, brush, and clean your stud earrings. We repeated the same process for our sterling silver studs.