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Hoops By Hand

Helix Hoop Earrings

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Helix hoop earrings: simple hoop earrings to add to your chic wardrobe.

A subtle glimmer of small rose gold hoop earrings that can be worn on the cartilage or upper piercings of your ear. These tiny hoops often don't fit on the lowest lobe piercing, but works perfectly to hug the ear of second or third piercings (or more!).

  • One of our most popular sizes for hoop cartilage piercing

  • Made with 14K rose gold filled round wire

  • Rose hoop earrings come as a pair

  • 7mm diameter: meant to be worn in cartilage, tragus, or higher lobe piercings

  • The modeIs are each wearing 7mm

These cute hoop earrings are available in 20 gauge, or 22 gauge. To learn more about hoop size gauges and what will work best for you, click here. The 22 gauge are dainty hoop earrings, whereas the 20 gauge are a little bit more thick and bold. For more sizes and sets of hoops, visit our shop section “Tiny Hoop Earrings”.

These hoops are often called “seamless hoop earrings” because when they are closed, they make a continuous loop. These were created to fit comfortably, and to stay in nonstop. Unless you are a natural (few are), these hoops can be a challenge to put in at first. Take a look at this video to see a first timer put in these hoops, as well as make sure this hoop size is the right size for you.

If you love rose gold, these hoops have the perfect pinkish hue. All are nickel free hoop earrings, which means your skin will love it and not change color. With 14K rose gold filled, the rose gold will stay true to its color for many years to come.